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September 02, 2006


Dances With Books

Ah, ALA and the Cabal. By now, I have pretty much learned to tune out the right-minded brethren of the profession. For people who pretty much control the country to be whining about being the minority in their profession, there has to be some self-hating or other issue in there. Then again, they kind of still do it even though they control the whole country. Go figure. Some people you just can't please. In the interest of fairness, I pretty much tune out a lot of ALA as well; they do good work for things like defending our First Amendment and privacy issues, but there are days when I just wish they would keep to themselves and stop embarassing the profession. Oh well. In spite of that, I think, like you, I was attracted to the profession because of the overall good nature of librarians. By the way, I discovered you via AL, and I think I may have to linger and read on a bit. Thanks.

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