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September 13, 2006



Intriguing blog etiquette question. For what little it may be worth, I usually don't do more than two links to the chain. So, if you, for instance, refer to so-and-so about some post of interest, and I use so-and-so as a prompt, I will give credit to so-and-so as the source, then mention you in a "hat tip" as source of the prompt. I do try to give credit when credit's due. I suppose my rationale is give credit to the one who is "the source" and the one who "helped me find it." As I said, for what it may be worth. Others may have other ideas, but that seems to be what I have observed. Best, and keep on blogging.

Ross Day

Thanks for your tip on the 'hat tip'. As information professionals we can often bend too far backward in laying out the 'chain of transmission', as if leaving out a step would cast doubt on the reliability of the ultimate source. Yours is an equitable solution that isn't stingy with credit where it's due. Thanks.

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