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September 08, 2006



I had a somewhat similar reaction to yours upon exploring the Annoyed Librarian and others like her.

Ross Day

Thanks for the self-reference, Degolar. I'll read your earlier post with interest. What you say may be, nevertheless I'm completely satisfied with her explanation now.

Jennifer Macaulay

Ross, this is a very interesting post. I'm enjoying your blog tremendously!! I think it was brave of you to take on the Annoyed Librarian!!!

Dances With Books

You are welcome. I should say I have built a lot of my aggregator reading list on the basis of people's blogrolls, which I have seen vary from trying to be useful and informative to just flights of whimsy to everything in between. As I have not been that long in LJ, I have not quite figured out if I can do that, but something think about.

Tempest in a teapot? Now why did I not think of that before? Well, if nothing else, you are off to a good start. May you continue blogging and learning. In the end, that is the beauty of a blog. You shape it as you go along with what you envision for it. Do you stray now and then? Sure, but it may all be part of the journey.

P.S. I will have to take a look to that book as well.

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